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Start the new decade with a bang

This is a unique and exciting learning experience to stimulate idle, ailing or dormant creativity. This workshop begins a process to recover a creative mindset and re-ignite the ability to use and develop creative thinking in all spheres of life.

Why should I come?

Are you curious about the true power of your brain? Do you want to think more creatively about your business? Do you feel you want more from life and have more to give? Do you have dormant dreams for your life that need reawakening? If so, this workshop is for you!

Who's it for?

This course is useful for entrepreneurs, executive teams, parents, knowledge workers, professionals, anyone thinking of starting their own business, retirees, humans in general.

How much?

  • R950 per person
  • (R850 earlybird special)

What will I get?

  • A powerful half-day learning experience that will recharge your creative thinking and gear you up for the new year and the new decade
  • A suite of tools to apply on your own or with your team
  • An action plan for your creative growth
  • A mind map of your learning

"My team had some great aha moments on the workshop. We quite quickly found proper tangible ways to implement the tools. We’ve found definite ways of using what we’ve discovered today in our business to improve it." Angel Jones, CEO Homecoming Revolution


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