Books We Love

Think Learn Succeed

by Dr Caroline Leaf

Dr Leaf’s brilliant book was one of the inspirations for our original Creativity Wake-Up Workshop.  Dr Leaf gives a roadmap to help us to navigate one of the most important challenges that we all face – how to unlock our hidden potential by controlling our minds to improve how we think, feel and choose.

Dr Leaf has an amazing skill of making complex neuroscience easy to understand.  She explains that “our thoughts have real, solid, physical representations and are made of proteins”.  What we focus on grows physically in our minds and becomes imprinted. It dictates what we say and do.  We are the architects of our minds and have the ability to grow positive mindsets. 

  What I most love about the book is that it shows us how we can improve different aspects of our emotions, mind and body by giving us practical tips.  Each chapter ends with a section on Mindset Activation Tips where we are given tools to practice every day to build habits and attitudes. 

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to build a healthy mindset and fulfil their potential in their work and personal life.

Creative Confidence

by David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley

I could hardly put this powerful book down!   I was moved and inspired by the authors’, passionate belief that every person is creative and can develop  their creativity with learning and practice. Through great storytelling based on research and on their experience in the field, they explain how creative confidence helps us come up with more ideas and make better decisions, no matter what line of work we are in.

A big myth that they tackle is that creativity is only for “creative types”.  They argue that all individuals and organizations have untapped potential that can be unleashed through gaining creative confidence.

 I loved the practical tools and strategies the authors provide for building creative muscle. They draw on numerous fascinating and entertaining stories from their years of working with top international companies and Stanford students.

 I found the sections overcoming fear particularly useful.  Novices and experts alike can suffer from a lack of creative confidence, but for different reasons.  Novices often fear failure, where experts can be equally held back by perfectionism.  The authors draw on the work of psychologist Albert Bandura to guide readers through a process of moving from fear to courage.  Albert Bandura is professor emeritus at Stanford and has been called the greatest living psychologist.

 I highly recommend this fascinating and insightful book.  I agree with this review of the book by Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly:

“This book changed me.  Creative Confidence is that rare combination of thought leadership, soulful storytelling, and real-life exercises that inspires you to reclaim your creative passion and courage.  I feel braver already.”

David Kelley is a Stanford Professor and Founder of IDEO. Tom Kelley is the author of The Art of Innovation.

Draw To Win

by Dan Roam

At Creativity Wake-Up, we believe that creativity is not all about painting and artistry, but rather creative thinking and the resulting action.  So why are we reviewing a book on drawing?  Dan Roan’s book shows us that drawing is a thinking task, not an artistic task.  It also highlights that the data around us is overwhelmingly visual because we are primarily visual creatures. Consider this staggering statistic:

“90 percent of all data transmitted online today is visual.” (Cisco)

Given that almost all data transmitted today is visual, we all need to get better at using pictures!

 If the thought of having to draw your ideas for customers and colleagues fills you with terror, do not fear!  Dan Roam is here! Dan not only shows you how to put your thinking into images, but what you need to draw for sales, leadership, innovation, training and problem solving.  Dan believes that putting ideas into pictures often forces you to simplify and clarify the idea, which helps to make complex issues easier to understand.  In his experience, hand-drawn drawings make people smile and helps them engage with the ideas that you are presenting.

We highly recommend that you grab a felt tip pen and copy of Dan’s book and start doodling.   The future of your business, no matter what line of work that you are in, is visual!


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