Happy Clients

"As a manager, what I need to do is make sure that we facilitate this kind of thinking, engagement and way of working, because that is what is going to make our team great."  

Lauren Vickery

Marketing Director, Sage

"It was a light bulb moment for me to see how simple it is to think a different way and see other people’s perspectives."

Thembisa Skweyiya

Director at Woolworths, Imperial Logistics, Liberty Holdings and Stanlib

 "I cannot thank you and the team enough for having me there to truly re-ignite a dwindling passion for creativity. You forget how snowed under you become and just how creative your mind can be with a little effort and a lot of fun."

Jeff Thornley

Director, Thornley Productions

 "I loved the workshop today.  Thank you for triggering that desire to empower ourselves creatively and for giving us the opportunity to act on it." 

Nicole Bohm

Merchandise Director, Woolworths

"I most appreciated the process that guides you through the various phases of creative thinking.  It was very helpful to get tools to create an environment that is conducive for creativity and problem solving."

Millicent Pillay  

Internal Communications Lead for Africa and Middle East, Sage

 "Before the course I didn’t consider myself creative, but having thought about it more now, I have realised that there are areas in my life where I am creative.  The good news is that I can actually work on my creativity and improve it.  I think that’s an exciting thing to try.  I can now see many areas where I can get more creative and apply the tools."

Sihle Mooi 

CEO, Rays of Hope

"I’ve had a whole lot of insights today.  I’ve been thinking about issues relating to problem solving, creativity and artistry and in your talk it all came together for me.  I’m walking away with such a clear picture.  Thank you very much." 

Amanda Jordaan

Founder and Director, Grayfeather Consulting

"What stood out for me was the connection between cool, arty kinds of things and creative thinking in terms of business.  I’m going to carry my creative toolbag around like a flag at work and really own my creative space." 

Jade Potgieter

Head of Jumo Campus, Jumo World

"As a business owner, in an industry that is quite well established, I think that we have to be creative otherwise we are going to fall behind. There is a responsibility on me to innovate with my team. My team had some great aha moments on the workshop. We quite quickly found proper tangible ways to implement the tools. We’ve found definite ways of using what we’ve discovered today in our business to improve it."

Angel Jones

CEO, Homecoming Revolution

"The course has made me want to use my creativity in spaces and situations that I thought I wouldn’t be able to.  I’ve found more links between different areas of my life to increase creativity."

Naledi Simon

HomeComing Revolution

"Today tickled a part of me that I haven’t acknowledged for a long time. We can all get bogged down. There’s this bit of play that I think I’ve been neglecting. I feel that I want to go and skip around the room after today." 

Colin Ford

Partner at CN&Co

"I’ve have the rude awakening that I have quite a bit to work on in term of my creative thinking. The exercises on speed and fluency made me realise that sometimes at work I get caught in too much detail instead of looking at the big picture."

Ntobeko Stampu 

Portfolio Manager, Vunani Fund Managers

"Two weeks after the workshop, I have been applying the creativity tools at work, especially using different thinking. I’ve been approaching things more from a creative perspective than the normal numbers perspective. I’ve been looking at new markets and how we can penetrate them. I’ve also been using a number of tools in my personal life to great effect. I learned that creativity is open to everyone in so many different forms. You can awaken your creativity through amazing tools that I didn’t even know existed. I think that’s awesome."

Debbie Beech



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