40-MIN LIVE LESSON - Kickstart your creativity!

Tuesday 15 September, 12h30 UK, 13h30 South Africa


Demystify creativity

Get clear on how creativity works and learn how a creative thought is born

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Kids need confidence too!

This lesson gives you an opportunity to support African migrant children and their families.

The workshop is free, however we invite you to donate to African Families in the UK. AFiUK helps to bridge the gap for migrant families by providing much-needed support for Black Minority Ethnic groups. AfiUK runs workshops, offers training and provides information and advice. They run programmes for youth that give children in minority groups confidence and positivity.
Link: https://www.africanfamilies.co.uk/

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Start developing your creative intelligence now. This is a fast-paced, action-packed LIVE online lessons. We are keeping it to 40 minutes to minimise your time away from other work/ family. However, we will be staying on for questions and discussion after the lesson, if you want to learn more.

Kickstart your creativity - this month!

Don't stay stuck in old ways of thinking. Sign up for this online lesson and start revving your creative engine. Your creative mind is more powerful than you realise.


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