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The 5 Day Creative Wake-Up is an online course that will revive your creative intelligence and help you to get unstuck in one week, even if you don't believe you are creative!


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Is this you?

Creativity is becoming an increasingly essential and sought-after skill. As the fourth industrial revolution marches on, with AI beginning to usurp  programmable work in all industries, the use of our creative brains is becoming one of the most valuable tools of our humanity. 

Our perception of creativity in the west has, for too long, been relegated to artists only. Many children and students have been steered away from developing their creativity in favour of more ‘logical’, ‘practical’ and ‘scientific’ skills that will help them to ‘earn money.’

The result is a vast number working adults who struggle to solve problems, innovate and cope with change or difficulty. Our communities are full of people who often feel restless or bored, easily give up on hopes and suppress ideas and dreams to such an extent that they can barely remember what they were.

Is this you?

Does this sound familiar?

  • I need to regain my lost focus and the ability to concentrate
  • I find the same problems arising again and again
  • I’m not living the life I hoped I would live
  • I feel that I am procrastinating and need to be more productive
  • I’m facing scary new responsibility and challenges at work
  • I need to think more creatively for my new business venture
  • I want more from life, I feel I have more to give

If any of these statements resonate with you, then you could benefit from developing your ability to think creatively.


So how can I fix this?

Can creativity really be trained?

Absolutely! Creativity is not magic. It's a mindset and a skillset that can be developed with a little effort and intentionality.

What's the creative mindset? Creative thinkers have an attitude of curiosity and keen interest in learning new things. They have the courage and self-believe to experiment and persevere when they fail. They delight in the world around them and maintain a sense of humour that is playful, yet committed.

What are creative skills? Of the many creative skills, we find these to be key to any creative thinkers' abilities: the use of imagination, fluency, flexibility, stillness, association, mind mapping, visual thinking and collaboration.

Developing creativity is about strengthening and growing every aspect of our creative mindset and our creative skillset. No matter how creative a person is already, there is always room to grow further.

As you look at this aspects of the creative mindset and the creative skillset, you will identify many attitudes and abilities that you possess already.

Yes, you are creative! Remember, creativity is the natural order of life. We are designed to create. We use our creative energy to create businesses, experiences, music, plans, writing, objects, meals, stories, videos, works of art… lots of things. We need a creativity wakeup when we have stopped or slowed down creating, buried a dream to create something or have invested our creative energy disproportionately in the lives, hopes, dreams or outcomes of others. When we are not creating in line with our authentic self, we feel out of sorts, off-key, listless, lost. We dry up.


What's the 5 Day Creative Wake-Up course about?

This online course is your ticket to creative freedom. Each lesson progresses you on a step of our simple but powerful process to develop creative thinking and start reclaiming back the creative strength you had as a child. The video-based lessons are fun and engaging and include physical and mental stimulation, creativity assessments, stories, case studies, exericses and humour. This is no ordinary course - expect the unexpected and prepare to be inspired!


What will change for me?

What will I learn and how will I change when I take this course?

Develop creative confidence

Strengthen your ability to find new ways of doing things and the courage to try them out

Break out of the mould

Disrupt old thinking patterns and self-limiting habits by teaching your creative mind to think differently

Become more adaptive

Learn the power of creativity to adapt quickly to change and to recover positively from setbacks

What will I get for my money?

  • Around 25 minutes of video lessons for each day
  • Lifetime access and the ability to take the lessons in your own time
  • Optional exercises and tasks to complete
  • Resources and tools
  • Step-by-step process and practical activities
  • A live Facebook community where you can ask questions and discuss things with real people on the same journey

What are people saying?

People love our learning and are experiencing real and powerful change. We love hearing the inspirational stories from our students. Listen to their feedback for yourself!

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Revive your creative intelligence and get unstuck in one week, even if you don't believe you are creative!


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