Ten Podcasts to Spark your Creativity

podcasts and playlists Sep 03, 2020

We all need to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on our minds from time to time and refresh ourselves. At Creativity Wake-Up, we find that listening to podcasts as we run or walk (keeping one earbud out to listen for traffic!) is a great way to let go of worries, change gear and get inspired.

Already a podcast listener? Brilliant! We invite you to explore some new territory. Not into podcasts? Excellent! A whole world of learning awaits. Alwin, don't debate it - just try it.

Ta-daaa! We've made you a (proverbial) mixed tape. Here's a handpicked list of 10 excellent podcast episodes that have challenged, intruiged and wowed us. Need a pick me up? There's something in there to encourage you, to inspire you, to tickle your fancy, to teach you about creativity and to give you a spring in your step.
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#   Podcast Episode Duration Date
1 THE MOMENT with Brian Koppelman Interview with Julia Cameron 00:56:45

Jul 2020

2 TIFFANY & YU The Podcast 009: Building Resilience by Unlocking Your Creative Mindset ft. Monica Kang (InnovatorsBox) 0:39:18 May 2020
3 KWIK Brain How to Get Unstuck & Become Creative 00:12:00 Jul 2019
4 WORKING WOMEN'S WEALTH 41 – Resilience: overcoming the impossible with Gloria Mitchell 00:49:00 Aug 2018
5 SADDLEBACK  CHURCH with Rick Warren Turning Setbacks into Comebacks: When you feel like giving up 00:49:00 Sep 2018
6 THE TIM FERRISS SHOW #444 Hugh Jackman on Best Decision, Daily Routines, The 85% Rule, Favourite Exercises, Mind Training and Much More 01:42:00 Jun 2020


Episode #133: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome,with master coach Kara Loewentheil  00:56:46 Feb 2020
8 THE DELIBERATE CREATIVE with Amy Climer Episode 101: Polymaths with Angela Cotellessa  00:40:00  Jan 2020
9 TECH PIXIES: SPARKLE AND THRIVE Episode 45: How to design your work life and unleash your creativity with Bill Burnett 00:53:24 Jul 2020
10 DISTRIBUTED, with Matt Mullenweg Design leader John Maeda on how to foster creative collaboration in a distributed context 00:36:00 Jul 2019










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