Mbhoni Maluleke

Client Analyst, Standard Bank

“The course was very, very informative. It was an eye-opener. For one, I didn’t believe or knew that everyone can be innovative, anyone had a role to play in the innovation world. I thought it was all about the ideators. It was very interesting to learn that there are different roles one can play.

The three days were amazing. Everything worked our perfectly. The activities we did helped to stimulate us.  You taught us and then gave us time to actually apply what we learned in that session. It helped because it was still fresh in our heads and we could take those lessons and apply them right away."


Le-Juan Beukes

Head of Sales Fulfilment, Merchant Capital

“The workshop was incredible. I had a session with Nina before the training and mentioned what I wanted to get out of this. It was a tall order and it was delivered tenfold. The training was incredibly helpful to the team… Nina as a facilitator was able to encapsulate everything that we wanted to achieve as a management team for the sales team and that’s incredibly powerful."


Nqobile Sibisi

Client Coverage Analyst, Standard Bank

“I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. I think it was insightful and creative. It got me out of my comfort zone; got me to think; got me to chat with the people in my team and collaborate with them. I learned how to brainstorm ideas and shoot down some of my own insecurities and break through that glass ceiling that I’ve created for myself."


Alfred Ruwanda

Acquisition Manager, Merchant Capital

“We’ve just had a lovely session with Nina from Creativity Wake-Up. It’s all about understanding the different personalities within the work environment. I found this very insightful. You learn about how people perceive you, how you want to be perceived and the actual reality. It’s definitely a nice way of understanding certain individuals with different leading colours as to how to communicate with them and how to present to them. This is certainly something I can use daily, in my work life and also in my personal life. It was very insightful. Definitely a session worth booking with Nina at Creativity Wake-Up.”


Yvette Liedtke

Director, Taste & See

“Creativity Wake-Up taught the (aspirant business owners), by means of making a mind map and thinking outside of the box, of about 150 different kinds of small business that one could start within the township. It has been an incredible, incredible opportunity for them. We know that going forward it's going to create jobs and new initiatives within the townships for people to be able to support their families. We are so thankful for what (Creativity Wake-Up) has done in opening up people’s minds to see all the opportunities that are available to them. Thank you Creativity Wake-Up."



Mischa Tessendorf

Business Development Manager, Klaus Engineering

"The training was fantastic. Everybody loved it. Some people in the beginning were not that keen but in the end they were all involved and giving their ideas. It was a great experience over all. I think going forward the company is going to really benefit from this." (Team development workshop)


Nkosini Ngwenya

Senior Researcher and PhD Student, University of Johannesburg

"Beautiful course. I absolutely enjoyed it and loved it... This course taught me so many things on how to tap into my creativity. I definitely recommend it." (5 Day Creative Wake-Up)


Debbie Laubsher  

Business owner, iSimplify Computer Training

“I realised that I had to do something to ensure the sustainability of my business, so I joined the 5 Day Creative Workshop... This course gave me the courage to think out of the box.  It also helped me identify where I was stuck in my business. Most of all, if was fun! ... The course helped me realise my dream of expanding my business... Join this course.  You will not be disappointed!”


Lane Weenink

Event Management Student, Aleit Academy

“The Creativity Wake-Up workshop was amazing. It gave me my spark back. It opened my mind a lot. I’m thinking in ways that I never did before. It motivated me to live life fully.

It was a great, great learning opportunity. I absolutely loved it and will definitely recommend it to everyone."


Ntuthuko Dlame

Regional Partner Marketing Lead, Sage

"I've actually started waking up a bit earlier to do free writing... the exercise where we get to to write what is on top of our minds. That's really a great exercise... It clears the mind in the morning and really helps you to see what is the important thing on your creative journey." (2-Day Creative Process Workshop)