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Wake up your creativity

How can I kickstart my creative thinking in 5 days?

Wake up your creative advantage

Creativity is a mindset and a skillset that helps us to cope with change, deal with uncertainty, adapt quickly and find imaginative solutions. 

Why invest in creativity

Creativity is an essential fuel for humans and organisations of the future. A recent Adobe study showed that businesses that invest in creativity are more financially successful, more competitive and have more satisfied customers with a better customer experience.  Who wouldn't want those benefits?


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What we offer

Creativity and Innovation Training

Choose from a range of short to multi-day workshops on topics including: design thinking, understanding the creative process, idea generation and creative team synergy .

Creativity Coaching

Whether in person or virtually, one-to-one coaching is a powerful way to address your specific needs and accelerate your creative development.

Online Learning

Engaging, interactive online learning to kick start your creative journey or embed learning after an in-person workshop.

Keynote Speaking

Contact us to set up a highly engaging and interactive keynote, that will get your audience involved, activate their creative thinking and have some serious fun.  

5 lessons in 5 days to ignite your creativity

Join this exciting online class to take your creativity to the next level and gear up for a future that requires new solutions. Develop creative confidence, break out of the mould and become more adaptive.

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A few of our clients

Testimonials from our Business Courses

"It was awesome for me to see the team really embrace the diversity of thought exercises because that is what is going to make our team great. As a manager, what I need to do is make sure that we facilitate this kind of thinking, engagement and way of working. "

Lauren Vickery
Marketing Director, Sage

"It was a light bulb moment for me to see how simple it is to think a different way and see other people’s perspectives."

Thembisa Skweyiya
Director at Woolworths, Imperial Logistics, Liberty Holdings and Stanlib

"I cannot thank you and the team enough for having me there to truly re-ignite a dwindling passion for creativity. You forget how snowed under you become and just how creative your mind can be with a little effort and a lot of fun."

Jeff Thornley
Director, Thornley Productions

"The workshop was highly relevant to my journey. I’ve learned so much that I can apply to my life and that I can teach to those around me; my family, business associates and community. I’ve learned different ways to solve problems in my business and in myself. I’ve learned to unlock my brain to see things in a different, creative way and to apply this as a lifestyle."

Keabetswe Modise
Founder, Gemini Networking

Testimonials from our Personal Creativity Courses

""Today was an absolute gift for me. Thank you Nina and Celia. What I am taking away… there are just so many tools. Everything is firing in me at the moment. I’m so excited to go back and to go over everything that we have done, because there was a lot of input today. I can just feel by brain is firing on every single molecule at the moment. I am very excited." "

Jean Louis
Fine Artist

""I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it. It made me think a lot about how I can make the most the this lockdown by tapping into my creativity storehouse.""

Nkosini Ngwenya
Senior Researcher, University of Johannesburg

""I cannot thank you and the team enough for having me there to truly re-ignite a dwindling passion for creativity. You forget how snowed under you become and just how creative your mind can be with a little effort and a lot of fun.""

Jeff Thornley
Director, Thornley Productions

""My biggest take away has been that I have to be brave and go ahead and try things that I haven’t done yet because I’ve been waiting for all the conditions to be right." "

Genevieve Dalrymple
Co-running Connecta-Floor Cape

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