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My team isn’t firing on all cylinders – we need to fuel our collaborative spirit to boost performance

Our innovation funnel lacks truly fresh ideas – we need to find a new, more effective approach

Unpredictability and constant change put increased pressure on our people to be agile and resilient

Everyone looks to our leaders for direction - they must learn to role model the change they want to see

I feel stuck. I feel want to regain my spark, my mojo

I want more from life, I feel I have more to give

Let us help you jumpstart your creativity. We have given hundreds of teams and individuals a practical plan and a step-by-step process to develop the creative thinking that is needed to grow and future-proof their businesses, differentiate from their competitors and transform their personal lives.

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Creativity is the top skill on the rise, according to the World Ecomonic Forum's Future of Jobs Report.

With rapid change happening all around us and disruption evident in all industries, now is the time for leaders to understand creativity and nurture the kind of creative cultures needed to innovate and  thrive for decades to come.

Happily, creativity is a skill that can be developed. Developing creativity involves understanding creativity, developing a creative mindset, removing blockages to creativity and developing creative thinking skills.

It's easy to plan your innovation journey with us. 

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Our tried and tested courses will give you practical, step-by-step guides for fuelling up creative thinking. You’ll be amazed at how our programmes will breathe new life into you and your business.

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Our training is engaging, interactive and fun! With lots of creative brain activation!

Our training gives an excellent ROI.

Our training builds team connection,

increased creative confidence,

ownership and engagement,

better problem solving,

and increased well being and psychological safety.

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For leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who want to become change-ready and unleash the full potential of their teams.

Meet Our Founders 

Nina Pearse

Nina Pearse


Nina Pearse is a dynamic and creative facilitator with a vision to transform business and society by helping people tap into their creativity. Nina has an honours degree in business science from the University of Cape Town and is an adjunct faculty member at GIBS Business School. She is an Agile Talent professional, an associate of the NeuroLeadership Institute and a qualified Insights facilitator. Nina has worked in learning and change related roles for nearly twenty years as a management consultant, human resources specialist and leadership practitioner. She has delivered training on five continents over the past two decades.

Celia Falkenberg

Celia Falkenberg 


Celia Falkenberg is a creative educator with a passion to inspire and equip people to find creative solutions to challenges and opportunities in business and everyday life. Celia is a professional architect and an adjunct faculty member at GIBS Business School. She has an honours degree in architecture from the University of Cape Town and graduated with distinction for a masters degree in housing and urbanisation from the Architectural Association in London. She owned and ran an architectural practice for fifteen years. She uses her experience as an architect and business owner to design and facilitate creative learning.

Meet Our Extended Team

Hanne Kristiansen

Hanne Kristiansen


For over 25 years, Hanne has worked with global companies in the US, the UK as well as across Europe. She spent the first half of her career working in marketing and innovation for three multi-nationals: United Biscuits, Diageo and latterly Kellogg’s where she was Head of European Innovation. She’s the founder of Creative Creatures, the company behind the Creative ID™ framework, and has since 2008 worked with the University of Sheffield to create a deep research-based understanding of people-led creativity in the corporate world. Our clients have benefited enormously from the Creative ID™ framework. Hanne co-facilitates some of our advanced programmes.

Amy Quiding

Amy Quiding


Amy is a detailed-orientated accounting manager with over thirty years of experience in start-ups and small businesses across a number of sectors. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BCom in Accounting & Statistics. Amy loves people and assists us, not only with our finances, but as a student liaison officer with our online clients, ensuring that they receive regular checkins and are well-supported as they complete their courses. 

Vaughan Wickins

Vaughan Wickins


Vaughan is a business development executive, with broad leadership, strategic, operational, management and finance skills. He has diverse sector and operational experience having worked for a top international accounting firm - Deloitte, an investment bank, a global trading company, as EMEA COO of an international charity and also a debt collection and liquidation company. Vaughan is a qualified coach, trained by Neuroleadership Institute.  He uses his brain-based coaching methods to help our clients grow high performance teams and a healthy organisation culture. 

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What people are saying

Le-Juan Beukes

Le-Juan Beukes

Head of Sales Fulfilment, Merchant Capital  

“The workshop was incredible. I had a session with Nina before the training and mentioned what I wanted to get out of this. It was a tall order and it was delivered tenfold. The training was incredibly helpful to the team… Nina as a facilitator was able to encapsulate everything that we wanted to achieve as a management team for the sales team and that’s incredibly powerful."

Dawid de Villiers

Partner | Webber Wentzel in partnership with Linklaters

"(The Creative Thinking Accelerator Programme) was a tremendously important and worthwhile endeavour. I derived a lot of benefit from it and I think our firm will do as well. A lot of effort had gone into trying to understand our business and the issues that we are facing, so it was really outcomes driven and you could see how the discipline and the learnings that you get from it can be applied in practice."

Nqobile Sibisi

Nqobile Sibisi

Client Coverage Analyst, Standard Bank 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. I think it was insightful and creative. It got me out of my comfort zone; got me to think; got me to chat with the people in my team and collaborate with them. I learned how to brainstorm ideas and shoot down some of my own insecurities and break through that glass ceiling that I’ve created for myself."

Le-Juan Beukes

Mahlaku Ledwaba

Head of Organisational Development and Change Management, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

“Thank you so much for your time and great insights at our event yesterday. I have received great feedback from the participants.”

Dr. Jesne Kistan

Dr. Jesne Kistan

Medical Methodologist,PALPRAC South Africa

"We recently invited Creativity Wake Up to participate in a symposium held by our organization. Celia was phenomenal - she was professional, passionate and provided creative inspiration that met our organizational needs. Her incredible mix of art, music and mindfulness equipped our attendees to engage with curiosity and creative thinking during our event. Highly recommended!"

Nqobile Sibisi

Dr Morné de Wet

Veterinarian and Director, Cottage Vet Clinic

“A big thing for me was to realise just how much potential we have. We have everything we need in each division of the organisation, we just need to tap into those creative juices. Each person got so much personal revelation. The benefits will come through not just in our work lives, but in our personal lives as well.”

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