Inspiring women

In celebration of Women’s Day in South Africa, we would like to shout out to some of the incredible women in our network who inspire us. These creative thinkers are using their skills and insights to help women around the world grow and by showing us what is possible.

Kgomotso Matsunyane, One Man Studios

Kgomotso is a multi-talented producer, writer, director, editor, businesswoman and television presenter. She hosted the late-night TV shows Pillow Talk and  Late Night with Kgomotso, and afternoon drive radio show, Uncaptured, on Kaya FM. She is a serial entrepreneur and director of production company, One Man Studios. 

Kgomotso uses her influence and network to advocate for Positive Sexual Health through her Golden Triangle Initiative. She has also established a free, public, multimedia Feminist library that archives, documents and celebrates feminism, especially African Feminism.

Kgomotoso introduced us to the THNK School of Creative Leadership, where she attended an Executive Leadership Programme in Amsterdam. Thank you for the inspired conversations, Kgomotso. We share a passion for creativity and finding creative solutions to the many challenges around us.


Lisa Linfield, Working Women’s Wealth

Lisa is an author, a wealth manager, course creator and the podcast host of Working Women’s Wealth. Lisa partners with women around the world to change their mindset and help them make money, invest it and protect it from life’s unexpected turns.

Nina and I have been inspired by Lisa’s vision and ability to engage with women from all walks of life to making complex financial concepts accessible and easy to apply. We were fortunate to work closely with Lisa and be part of the pilot group for her Brave to Change Course during the launch of her excellent Deep Grooves book. We highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to overcome patterns that are keeping you stuck. As a wealth manager with a background in medicine, Lisa is uniquely positioned to help you shift your thinking, whether the change is needed in your health, work, relationships or wealth.

Listen to Lisa interview Nina on her podcast, Working Women's Wealth.


 Juliana Khalil, JuliaKhalil.com 

Juliana is a Tony Buzan MindMapping instructor and MBraining Coach. She uses her expertise in MindMapping to teach her students life skills as well as her own uniquely designed language programmes for learning Arabic, English and French. We love Juliana’s passion, energy and positivity.

We co-presented a webinar on MindMapping and Creativity with Juliana to raise money for the Lebanese Red Cross, following the horrific bomb blast in Beirut.  Watch a replay of our session with Juliana here.


Dr Phumzile Mmope, DrPhumzileMmope.com

Dr Phumzile is a leadership communication coach and strategic communication consultant with a deep understanding of effective communication and how it influences leadership, teams, performance and professional relationships. Phumzile has inspired us through the sensitive and clear-sighted way that she approaches painful issues in organisations so that teams can heal and become more productive and collaborative.

Celia has been fortunate to serve on a Toastmasters executive committee with Phumzile and learn from her thoughtful and powerful leadership style.


Angel Jones, Homecoming Revolution 

Angel is a SA Woman of the Year and EY Emerging Entrepreneur Finalist with a passion for bringing talent and skills to Africa. Homecoming Revolution recruits globally experienced African talent for South Africa, Nigeria and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Angel believes that Africa deserves her skills back – permanently, temporarily or virtually.

Homecoming has recently launched an innovative new platform, Insights by Experts, where you can book a video chat with a top African expert from a carefully curated community of professionals.  We admire Angel's passion and dedication to building skills in Africa, as well as her innovative approach. 

Angel and her team from Homecoming Revolution attended our inaugural Creativity Wake-Up Workshop in Johannesburg and she has since given us invaluable feedback and advice. Angel said about the workshop, 

"As a business owner, in an industry that is quite well established, I think that we have to be creative otherwise we are going to fall behind. There is a responsibility on me to innovate with my team.  My team had some great aha moments on the workshop.  We quite quickly found proper tangible ways to implement the tools.  We’ve found definite ways of using what we’ve discovered today in our business to improve it."


Julia Coovadia, Iman Jewellery

 Julia is owner and creator of the exquisite Iman range of jewellery and accessories. This exclusive jewellery brand was born out of Julia's desire to wear meaningful jewellery that combines the richness and beauty of Islamic design and pride in being Muslim with the best of western and contemporary aesthetic.

One of the core values of the Iman Jewellery team is to be responsible global citizens.  Consequently a portion of the proceeds from sales is donated to Gift of the Givers.

Julia attended one of our Creativity Wake-Up Workshops in Cape Town before launching Iman Jewellery and says that the course inspired her to take her ideas to market. We so admire Julia's unique approach and exquisite eye for design and detail.

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