A foundation guide to creative intelligence

Foundation Course in Creativity: 

A football team relies on each player’s physical fitness in order to succeed with their game plan on the field. In the same way, an organisation relies on each employee’s creative intelligence in order to be agile, resourceful and innovative in an uncertain marketplace.

This program provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of creativity.


What you will learn:

  • Understand the structure, neuroscience and practical application of creativity
  • Assess my creative mindset and skillset and uncover what hinders my creative thinking
  • Learn why and how to feed my creative intelligence and how to put my creativity to work

Questions you will address: 

  • How does creativity work?
  • How creative am I?
  • When am I most creative?
    How can I develop my creative intelligence?

We recommend this format:


Pre-program get your cogs turning with some reading, video and reflection



Engaging interactive sessions via Zoom supplemented with online tools such as Mural and Menti

5 modules, best done over 5-10 weeks

5 live virtual sessions of 2 hours each

1-2 hours of individual application work per module


Optional knowledge assessment for each module

Optional action learning project


Online accountability community

Optional weekly emails

Recommended resources

Journey further: 

2-6 months post program: online digital refresher course, 2.5 hours of video-based learning to embed behaviours

Our video-based lessons are engaging and interactive. Learning is not a spectator sport! Our programmes include physical and mental stimulation, creativity assessments, stories, activities, case studies, exercises and humour. 

Our learning platform is secure and simple to use. We can provide you with reports and feedback on progress and even produce leaderboards to encourage teams to hold each other accountable for course completion. 



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