The dynamics of innovative teams

Team Creativity: 

Top performing teams achieve creative synergy by having an inspiring purpose, a strong team process for solving problems and pursuing opportunities together. This program will equip your team to identify and value each person’s creative thinking mode and how you can bring the best out of each other. You will actively work on building trust and solving the problem of working more effectively together amidst change and uncertainty.

What you will learn:

  • Recognise how our personalities impact our agility, flexibility and creative thinking
  • Mitigate team creativity killers
  • Learn to use the Creative Problem Solving Process and apply this to real team problems or opportunities

Questions you will address: 

  • How does my creativity show up in this team?
  • How might we get better at solving big and small problems together?
  • How could we identify and seize opportunities together?

We recommend this format:


Pre-program: complete a personality assessment

Optional reading, video and reflection


4 modules, best done over 4-8 weeks

4 live virtual sessions of 2 hours each

Engaging interactive sessions via Zoom supplemented with online tools such as Mural and Menti




Optional knowledge assessment for each module

Team implementation tasks between each module

Optional action learning project


Post-program: accountability pairs

Optional group coaching

Optional weekly emails

Recommended resources



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