I want my life to glorify God.

Will developing my creativity help?



If you are reading this, chances are, you would love to be more creative.

Why is creativity important to God?

How does creativity work?

Am I creative?

What does the Bible say about creativity?

How do you develop your creativity as a Christ-follower?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then you've come to the right place. 

Welcome to a new adventure.

We are thrilled to invite you to the Made to Create course.

This 6-week, theme-based Bible Study is designed to lead you by the hand on an exciting journey of discovery and growth.

Hello. We're Celia and Nina, 

sisters to each other and your sisters in Christ.

We have developed an in-depth, theme-based Bible Study to help you answer all those questions and more.

It’s our goal to awaken your spirit to more of the wonder and possibility that your magnificent Creator has laid before you.

We want you to grow in creative confidence, love your Creator more, and use your creativity to glorify Him.

It is lovely to meet you.


If you're determined to lean in and make change in your life, you are going to love this course. It's time to uncover and use your creative gifts.


We can't wait for you to start!

We had such fun designing and developing this course. We've never seen anything like it, and you may not have either. There are weekly videos and self study lessons laid out in a creative workbook that is packed with scripture,  inspiration and practical creative exercises. 

Kudzai Chigariro, Scientist and Teacher, Cape Town

“I can’t tell you how much my eyes have been open through this course. Not only my physical eyes but spiritual ones also. I cried at times, I laughed as well, the word pierced my heart. I am so excited."

Elbi van Vuuren, Attorney, Johannesburg

"Nina and Celia’s course is an excellent guide to a Biblical approach to creativity. It reconnected me with my own creativity in ways I had forgotten existed and some I had never before explored. Their enthusiasm for their subject matter is infectious and they are living testimonies to their craft."

Clare Thorogood, Clinical Psychologist, Johannesburg

"Thank you for introducing me to a whole new dimension in my thought process with respect to the Word, God and creativity.  It’s like changing the lens in ones glasses from dull and foggy to 20/20 vision with His word and with your vision on creativity. Thank you so much."

Let's do this!

What's covered in the lessons?

The study includes a workbook and weekly video lessons on our online platform. It can be used for group or individual study.

Take a peek inside the workbook

Choose your journey

to uncover and use your creative gifts.

Kindle with Video Access

$0,00 KindleUnlimited  

  • Access to the digital workbook, including original artwork
  • Streaming access to the 6-week course videos

Workbook with Video Access


  • The beautiful printed workbook, your safe space in which scribble, sketch, tear, scratch, fold, or doodle, including original artwork.
  • Streaming Access to the 6-week course

Full-colour Workbook with Video Access

R290 +R110 (*Postage)

  • The beautiful FULL-COLOUR colour-printed workbook.
  • Streaming Access to the 6-week course 

*NOTE: We post to major centres in South Africa. For postage to outlying areas in South Africa, please contact us at [email protected].


Full-colour Workbook with Video Access


  • The beautiful printed FULL-COLOUR workbook.
  • Streaming Access to the 6-week course

What people are saying

Shirley Momberg, Writer and Strategist (PhD, Divinity Institute International), Cape Town

"I have found that over the six weeks, I have been enthralled. I have enjoyed every moment. Every part of me has been stimulated and excited. It’s like someone switched the light on. I want to applaud you for everything that you have done. The word is sound. It is based on the foundation of scripture. On that foundation you have built so many amazing streams that anyone who does this course is going to be so blessed and encouraged. I can’t wait to go back and work through it again... I’ve had so much fun." 

Peter Ressell, Operations Director, UK

"I thought that this course was amazing. I went into it a bit sceptical because I’m a guy and I feel that I’m not that creative... I don’t know how long you took to put this together, but it’s incredible and it’s really rich. I think that it is brilliant. It’s awakened a lot of new thoughts and desires in me to think about creativity and to challenge myself in how I can be creative and stimulate that in the family, not be too two-dimensional, so thank you very much." 

Jean Pierre Kloppers, Managing Director, UK

"Creativity is something that I love and have always relished in, but I had forgot that it is actually a core part of who God is. He is the Creator first and so (this study) has given me license to be more creative and to lean into that part of myself more." 

What to expect?

There are six weeks of study for this series. Each week contains five short videos and five self-study lessons.

If you are doing the study alone

You can watch the videos for the week all at once, or over five days, along with your self-study work.

Each self-study lesson comprises:

  • An anchor passage and additional scripture references
  • Illustrative stories
  • Points for reflection
  • A creative exercise
  • Prayer

The videos and lessons are house on our secure portal to which you’ll get access once you purchase the course. You’ll also find optional resources such as downloadable worksheets, links to podcasts, books, articles, and sermons, should you wish to dive deeper into any topics.

If you are doing the study with a group

Though there is no formula for a Bible Study group session, one way to run the session would be:

  • Start off in prayer (5 minutes)
  • Discuss the previous week’s self-study, there are question prompts for you (5-10 minutes)
  • Watch the video lessons for the week (30 minutes)
  • Discuss the video lesson, discussion guidelines are provided (10-30 minutes)
  • Pray (10-30 minutes)

After your group session, there are five days of self-study for you to dive into. 

Is this for me?

When it comes to creativity, you are:

Out of practice

You once had wistful dreams of creating something special when you grew up.
But you’re in the real world now. No time to mess around.
You had to leave your creativity behind long ago. You feel its absence.

Out of time

You yearn to do creative things, but life is just too busy.
You’re constantly humming around the creative activities of your kids but feel too stretched to allow yourself the same luxury of time.
One day you’ll get to it. Someday…


Your creativity engine is in overdrive.
You are constantly drawing on its energy.
Now your creative tank is feels empty.
You want to learn to keep the fuel topped up.

Not the creative type (we'll show you otherwise!)

You don’t believe you have a creative bone in your body.
You’ve always viewed ‘creative types’ from a distance.
Intrigued yet confounded by their strange ways.

It’s time to change things up.

If any of these resonate with you, keep reading…

"The stated purpose of the study is to enable Christians to “Grow in creative confidence, to love their Creator more, and to use their creativity to glorify Him.” The study uses a number of references to scripture, creativity techniques and exercises, and real-life examples and insights to do just this. Anyone going through this course would be challenged and inspired in each of these areas – whether they are already creative or are seriously resistant to the idea that they are creative. You clearly have years of experience with the material and subject matter, and I loved the chatty style that you use to journey with participants. You communicate a holistic view of creativity, with questions and creative exercises that are relevant and provocative. The videos support the discussion and the leader. "

Sylvia Jones
Theology major & research specialist. Lodestar

Let's do this!

And there's more

Join our community

When you sign up to take the Made to Create course, you also get access to our growing online community of people like you, who are actively investing in their creative intelligence.

In our community, you will be able to connect with other creatives, share stories, give and receive prayer and get ongoing encouragement and resources beyond the end of your study.

Follow us on Instagram @creative.for.christ


Become an affiliate

You will get the opportunity to receive a 15% commission for referring the Bible Study on to other individuals or groups, as part of our affiliate program. 

Sign up on the link below or contact us on [email protected] or call Celia on +27 82 465 3710.


Got questions?

Yes! We would love to welcome Bible Study groups onto the course! The course includes questions for discussion. We also have a Leaders Guide that you can download in the course.

For group discounts apply for the Made to Create - Book with Video Access, click on the number required. The books will be delivered to one address:

For group discounts for the eBook and Video Access, contact [email protected] 

The recorded lessons are accessed from our website. When you purchase the course, you will receive prompts to set up login details. The course will then be found in the My Courses section which will appear in the menu. 

There are three journey options: Video Access, eBook with Video Access and Printed Book with Video Access. At present the Printed Books are available in South Africa only.

The Video Access includes:

  • Lifetime access to the 6-week course videos
  • Five videos per week
  • Access the Made to Create Community group
  • January 2023 Launch only: opportunity to participate in Live Weekly teaching and discussions online

The Hands-On Study includes:

  • Everything in The Digital Study plus…
  • The beautiful colour-printed workbook, your safe space in which scribble, sketch, tear, scratch, fold, or doodle, including original artwork by Celia Falkenberg
  • Postage included - your workbook will be delivered to your door

The Deluxe Study includes:

  • Everything in The Hands-On Study plus…
  • A hand-made A5 Shwe-Shwe journal for your creative writing
  • A Shwe-Shwe stationery wrap, including 8 coloured highlighters
  • Gift wrapping and option to leave a personal message


There are six weeks of study for this series. Each week contains five short videos and five self-study lessons.

Each week will include:

  1. A 30 - 40 minute lesson watch on your own or with a group
  2. Five days of self-study with:
  • an anchor verse/ passage
  • personal reflection
  • practical exercises
  • lots of creative brain activation!

Yes, Please contact us on [email protected] for information on paying via EFT

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

or call Celia on +27 82 465 3710. Follow us on Instagram @creative.for.christ


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