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Made to Create - 4 Books with 4 Video Accesses



What does this study include?

  • 4 Perpetual streaming access to the 6-week course videos*
  •  4 physical workbook, including original artwork, delivered to your door.
  • Downloadable worksheets and summary mind maps
  • Access the Made to Create Community group
  • January 2023 Launch only: opportunity to participate in Live Weekly teaching and discussions online

*Access to the videos will remain as long as this study is in print.

Please include the names and emails of the participants so that we can send them video access codes and instructions.

Why choose printed books?

Now, you may be thinking: Why a printed workbook? Isn’t that old fashioned? Isn’t that a waste of paper?

Actually, the use of a printed workbook is very intentional and strongly linked to the subject of the study.

If you are like most of our learners, you spend a large proportion of your time behind a computer. Even if you are creating things using your computer, what you create is mostly digital and removed from the touch of your hands.

By doing this study with a physical book you get the opportunity to take a break from your computer, avoid the constant distractions of other apps, and step out of your comfort zone as you do the daily creative exercises which include scribbling, sketching, folding, sticking, doodling, colouring, highlighting, writing by hand and much more.

We encourage you to make the workbook your own and hope by the end of the study that is full of your own marks, tabs and sticky notes, and is thoroughly dog-eared!


Unfortunately, we not able to ship outside of south Africa at this stage. If you don’t reside in South Africa and are interested in purchasing a printed copy of the study, please mail us at [email protected].

Want to change the number of studies in your order?

Click on the number required (discounts apply). The books will be delivered to one address:

What People Are Saying:

I can’t tell you how much my eyes have been open through this course. Not only my physical eyes but spiritual ones also. I cried at times, I laughed as well, the word pierced my heart. I am so excited.

Kudzai Chigariro, Scientist and Teacher, Cape Town

I thought that this course was amazing. I went into it a bit sceptical because I’m a guy and I feel that I’m not that creative... I don’t know how long you took to put this together, but it’s incredible and it’s really rich. I think that it is brilliant. It’s awakened a lot of new thoughts and desires in me to think about creativity and to challenge myself in how I can be creative and stimulate that in the family, not be too two-dimensional. Thank you very much.

Peter Ressell, Operations Director, UK

Nina and Celia’s course is an excellent guide to a Biblical approach to creativity. It reconnected me with my own creativity in ways I had forgotten existed and some I had never before explored. Their enthusiasm for their subject matter is infectious and they are living testimonies to their craft.

Elbi van Vuuren, Attorney, Johannesburg

Creativity is something that I love and have always relished in, but I had forgot that it is actually a core part of who God is. He is the Creator first and so (this study) has given me license to be more creative and to lean into that part of myself more.

Jean Pierre Kloppers, Managing Director, UK

I have found that over the six weeks, I have been enthralled. I have enjoyed every moment. Every part of me has been stimulated and excited. It’s like someone switched the light on. I want to applaud you for everything that you have done. The word is sound. It is based on the foundation of scripture. On that foundation you have built so many amazing streams that anyone who does this course is going to be so blessed and encouraged. I can’t wait to go back and work through it again... I’ve had so much fun.

Shirley Momberg, Writer and Strategist (PhD, Divinity Institute International), Cape Town