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The first time I received a personality profile report, I was amazed at how accurate it was. Before completing the assessment, I was concerned about having my personality "boxed". Having worked with personality profiling for many years now, I understand better that, far from putting us in a box, a personality profile is a tool with broad-stroke themes to help us to get out of our self-created boxes. There is much value to be gained in holding up a mirror to our preferences, decision making tendencies and personal style.

Personality profiles can help us understand ourselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect us at work and at home. 

They also help us understand our potential creative strengths and weaknesses. 

How your personality impacts your creativity

Your creativity plays out through the lens of your personality. So, the better you understand your personality, the better you will understand your potential creative strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth.

The Insights Discovery personality profiling tool groups myriads of personality preferences into four broad groups, or 'colour energies.' Note that this is not about boxing 'types' but rather about providing a common language for the four primary sets of pyschological preferences that people tend to have. It's based on decades of intensive research and centuries of observation of the human race.

Use the guide below to think about your creative strengths, both personally and in a team setting, and what steps you can take to develop your creativity. (If you've not taken an Insights Discovery assessment before, use the opening questions to determine which one or two colour energies are most dominant in your life.)

Do you lead with Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow or Earth Green energy? 

Read on to see how your personality impacts your creativity. 

Cool Blue 

Photo credit: Stavrialena Gontzou @ Unsplash

Are you logical and methodical? Do you tend to be a perfectionist? Do you sometimes hold back for fear of error? Are you more comfortable in the world of analysis rather than the murky world of emotions?

According to Insights Discovery, you may lead with Cool Blue energy.

Your creative strengths 

If this is you, your creative strengths are your brilliant work ethic, your ability to problem solve, think deeply and conduct research. You want to press through to completion, where others tend to run out of steam. You want to improve things and are willing to apply creativity to make improvements.

Your creative strengths in your team

You are perceptive and help apply common sense when evaluating possible creative solutions in your team. When going through the problem solving process with your team, you are good at clarifying the challenge and gathering research.

How to be more creative: 3 easy steps 

  1. Notice the next time you get stuck in over-analysis. It is important to just get going and to take the first step. Find the smallest first step you can make and take that step. 
  2. Suspend self-criticism for one morning and see what it feels like. 
  3. Look out for something you are not starting/ submitting/ putting out there, because it is not perfect. If it is 75 percent, go for it!


Fiery Red

Photo credit: Jorge Dominguez @ Unsplash

Are you bold and courageous? Are you determined and often overworked? Do you have a low tolerance for the ambiguity that comes with exploring unchartered territory? At times, do you fear being seen as a failure? 

If this is you, according to Insights Discovery, you might lead with Fiery Red energy.

Your creative strengths

You are energetic and have a natural hard-working ethic. You are a focused achiever who moves quickly and confidently. You are solutions-focused and tend to get things done by taking creative ideas and translating them into action.

Your creative strengths in your team

You have the ability to get the group moving and help to remove obstacles to solving a creative challenge. You tend to be good at helping others to find their leadership qualities. You motivate others to create together and use your charm and networking skills for the team’s win.

How to be more creative: 3 easy steps

  1. Recognise that a creativity is a process. Creativity takes time and will require your patience and letting go of control of the outcomes. Try not to be too quick to jump to action before you've applied creative thinking to the problem. 
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. Being overly competitive squashes creative collaboration.
  3. Allow yourself to be a 'clumsy beginner' at something. Pick something you are fascinated by to learn. You don't always have to be at the top of your game. The curious and learning-hungry mindset of a beginner is a great breeding ground for creative thinking. 


Sunshine Yellow

Photo credit: Gabrielle Henders @ Unsplash

Are you outgoing and enthusiastic? Do you love adventure and freedom? Is routine the bane of your existence? Do you tend to get overwhelmed by too many creative ideas? Do you often feel scattered and tend to loose focus of the creative objective?

You are likely to lead with a Sunshine Yellow energy, according to Insights Discovery.

Your creative strengths

You are good at association; the connecting of ideas and unrelated topics to create something new.  You are interested in many different subjects which further develops your ability for association. Your high curiosity leads to lots of questioning and creative thinking.  You brings fresh aliveness to all you do. You are good at reframing negative experiences.

Your creative strengths in your team

You are optimistic and your positive attitude helps your team to see possibilities. You tend to be good communicators in a group. You inspire others to see things in a new way. You inspire others to take action. Your natural ability at storytelling can be entertaining and helpful to your team.

How to be more creative: 3 easy steps

  1. Commit to your creative expression and realise that shying away from follow-through will not lead to the adventure you seek.
  2. Try to focus on the moment. Chasing happiness is its own trap. How can you be more present today, in every moment?
  3. Learn to find variety and challenge in any task. Give your playful nature permission for expression.


Earth Green

Photo credit: Neonbrand @ Unsplash

Are you caring and patient with others? Are you a peace keeper? Do you tend to be reluctant to break out of the crowd? Are you concerned with what others think of you?

If this is you, in line with the Insights Discovery profiling tool, you may lead with an Earth Green energy.

Your creative strengths

You are good at articulating your own ideas without fear of creating conflict. You are supportive and helpful to others without the need of reciprocation or acknowledgement. You are good at relying on your intuition when it comes to creative thinking and problem solving. You become impassioned by whatever sparks your creative interest.

Your creative strengths in your team

You are excellent at seeing all points of view and bringing these together to find a creative solution. You listen carefully to suggestions and ideas of others. You have the ability to use your creativity as a way to relate to the world and other people. You are great at empathising with others when working through creative problem solving process.

How to be more creative: 3 easy steps

  1. Schedule specific time to focus on your creative project or problem to solve.
  2. Prioritise your creative development and your needs.
  3. Be open to feedback without feeling criticised. Just get the ball rolling because once you get started you can continue with ease.



Chat with us about discovering your personal profile to make the most of the relationships that affect us at work and at home. We can also use Insights Discovery to help you with unlocking the potential within your team to build a more resourceful and innovative organisation. 

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