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Creativity is the connective tissue that is holding us all together

creativity formula Oct 21, 2020


The problem with my shoulder.

I've got a problem with my shoulder. Actually, it is many small problems compounding one another; all regarding a piece of anatomy regarded as the largest and most complex joints in the body. My small problems include: a shortened clavical/ collar bone following a complete break (from a motorbike accident in my teens); a small tear to my infraspinatus tendon (from swimming butterfly without proper warmup) and a severed nerve from surgery removing a melanoma.

The result of all this is lack of power in that arm, frequent stiffness, some pain and lots of irritation. Many visits to physiotherapists, chiropractors and biokinetists has not set me right - yet. Another result for me is a huge appreciation for connective tissue. We tend to take it for granted until it is not working properly!

The magic of connective tissue

We have many types of connective tissue in our bodies. They include adipose connective tissue (pictured above), blood,...

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