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Are you ready for the future? Is your team using their creative potential? Don't get left behind! Invest in your creativity now and get ahead of the pack. Become future-fit for the rapid change and disruption on every horizon.

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We are  passionate about reviving creative thinking and helping leaders nurture creative cultures. We believe that there's little more powerful on earth than a fully charged creative mind. Creativity is an essential fuel for humans and organisations of the future. Are you using yours fully?

Creativity Wake-Up Workshops

This one-day workshop, open to the public, is a unique and exciting learning experience to stimulate idle, ailing or dormant creativity.

Creative Practices  for Teams

Choose from a range of half day workshops, full-day workshops, coaching and webinars on topics including: design thinking, understanding the creative process, idea generation and creative team synergy .

Leading Creative Organisations

This offering combines coaching, training, facilitation and consulting to help leaders better understand creativity and how to nurture and protect a culture of creativity and innovation for competitive advantage.

Keynote Speaking

Contact us to set up a highly engaging and interactive keynote, that will get your audience involved, activate their creative thinking and have some serious fun.  

Creativity Wake-Up Workshops

Sign up for a Creativity Wake-Up open workshop and boost your creative thinking skills. Join our engaging facilitators and a mix of participants from diverse backgrounds. This is a unique and exciting learning experience to stimulate idle, ailing or dormant creativity.

You’ll learn to apply ideas, tools and exercises to develop more powerful creative thinking and problem solving. This one-day workshop is a springboard to a longer, personal creativity development process.

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 Open course dates

Date Location
Friday 2 August Johannesburg
Friday 30 August Cape Town
Friday 4 October Johannesburg
Friday 15 November Johannesburg




As a business owner, in an industry that is quite well established, I think that we have to be creative otherwise we are going to fall behind. There is a responsibility on me to innovate with my team. My team had some great aha moments on the workshop. We quite quickly found proper tangible ways to implement the tools. We’ve found definite ways of using what we’ve discovered today in our business to improve it.

Angel Jones

CEO, Homecoming Revolution

Today tickled a part of me that I haven’t acknowledged for a long time. We can all get bogged down. There’s this bit of play that I think I’ve been neglecting. I feel that I want to go and skip around the room after today. 

Colin Ford

Partner at CN&Co

I’ve have the rude awakening that I have quite a bit to work on in term of my creative thinking. The exercises on speed and fluency made me realise that sometimes at work I get caught in too much detail instead of looking at the big picture.

Ntobeko Stampu 

Portfolio Manager, Vunani Fund Managers

Two weeks after the workshop, I have been applying the creativity tools at work, especially using different thinking. I’ve been approaching things more from a creative perspective than the normal numbers perspective. I’ve been looking at new markets and how we can penetrate them.

I’ve also been using a number of tools in my personal life to great effect. I learned that creativity is open to everyone in so many different forms. You can awaken your creativity through amazing tools that I didn’t even know existed. I think that’s awesome.

Debbie Beech


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